Show & Tell: OMG! You Rock! 2009

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I wiggled my way into the OMG You Rock Day 2009.  If you haven’t read about this great idea over on Liv’s blog, she suggested that May 10th (Mother’s Day) coming up would be a difficult day for us gals dealing with infertility.  Honestly, it is very hard to look at another Mother’s Day and wonder if it will happen for you this year (or ever).  It seems sometimes that the road I am walking is taking soooooo long. So Liv organized an exchange between the ladies who signed up.  You get an OMG! You Rock! partner’s address, name and their blog (if they have one).  The idea is to send along a card, a little gift, whatever you would like to tell a special person that today, they Totally Rock.  I sent an email asking to slide in under the deadline and Liv was so awesome, she partnered me up with the amazing JJ.  I read her blog, formulated some ideas, worked me little fingers to the bone (well, not really but I did get some craft glue in my hair) and posted her package on Wednesday.  I received her gift in the mailbox on Friday.  Now the cleverest part of this whole experiment was everyone was asked to wait opening their package until May 10th (Sunday) arrived, we were encouraged to meet in the Stirrup Queens Ballroom to enjoy a chat, post about what we received, and tell everyone who attend that Oh My God, they all totally rock!

This morning I woke up a little early (OK. Full disclosure: It was 10am -- but I was out at my bud Tiff’s house and in the hot tub until 3am, so it was technically early from my perspective.)  I grabbed my laptop, camera and my package from JJ, then I logged into the ballroom.  I opened up the package and…well…here’s how it went as a photo essay.

01Package 02WhatsInside  
I grabbed my package and gently opened the top, then I peered inside.

03MyNiceGift 04MyLovelyCard   
Therein was a little box tied with a pretty bow and a card.  I opened up the card first. It was a really pretty card that had a very cool 3D effect.  There was also a picture of a little bee at the top (how did she know I love bees so much!) and said “just for you”.

I opened the card, started to read…and after a couple of sentences I began to cry.  What an awesome thing for JJ to do, taking time out of her busy schedule, reading about me on my blog and then writing such heartfelt and kind words of encouragement.  The part that especially made my waterworks start - she wrote me saying she was going to be out there cheering me on and said “I started IVF #2 in May of last year, and it was a lucky cycle – so I’m sending all that same May luck to you!”  She has a beautiful baby boy from that May cycle.  I finally felt like I was not alone.  Someone out there gets it and will be thinking of me in this tough time coming.  I really cherish those words JJ and I will keep that card always.  Oh…and also she let me know one very important thing:

JJ is so freaking cool.  I heart her big time today.

“Oooooh!” I said to myself, “What’s this now?  A little gift tied with a pretty bow?  Pour moi?”

06YayAPresent 07WowCoolEarrings
Inside the pretty silver box was a gorgeous pair of dichroic glass earrings in a beautiful shade of tangerine.  I am going to call them my Tangerine Dream earrings. 

If I get to a magic day of an embryo transfer.  I promise I will wear my Tangerine Dreams earrings.

JJ was also really nice and mentioned my OMG You Rock! package in her blog entry today.  It is a great show and tell post on how little things can trigger big memories.  It was beautiful and profound.  Thank you so much for everything today JJ.  You Rock.

Show and Tell

OMG_because_you_rock Many of the other ladies who participated in OMG You Rock 2009 posted their stories on Mel’s Show and Tell this week.  Click here to see what everyone is showing off.  I’m heading there right now.

3 comments on "Show & Tell: OMG! You Rock! 2009"

JJ on May 11, 2009 at 10:43 AM said...

Ok, this is going to be a LONG comment, so buckle in!

First, I think it was FATE that Liv paired us together--I really do think it was a great match! Your CD is ahhh-maaazing. All of the music is fantastic--all genres I love! I am now excited to make YOU one in return!

And I have loved bees for a looong time--Ill have to explain my love of bees in my next letter to you. Im so glad I can now look for bee stuff for you, too!

I love my dragonfly necklace--I will wear it with such special thoughts--knowing what it means to you!

The earrings look beautiful on you! Thanks for taking all those special pictures! Its so cool to see something cross the country like that.

And I really will be here to hold your hand through this cycle--I feel like Ive found another kindred spirit in blogland.

Hope you have a great week!

If Optimist... on May 11, 2009 at 3:15 PM said...

Oh JJ, I'm so glad you liked the CD. I wish I could hear you sing along. I hope you found a few songs that will become new favorites. I love mix CDs. As for the dragonfly necklace, when I sit in my garden during summer, the dragonflies speed around me and hover. They make me so happy, I don't know why. I'm glad my post was to your liking, and thanks for being such an awesome person. And my very first follower! Wowzer.

Malky B. on May 11, 2009 at 3:22 PM said...

Great gifts and great idea for gifts exchange.


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