Hey everyone, it's super duper late over here but Susan aka Sprogblogger has posted an entry that her water has broken. Please head over to wish her well.

She is one of my premiere bloggidy heroes.

She is so so so so so so ready to be a fabulous mom.

I am sending all my good thoughts to her and her talented husband. I pray your little boy arrives in this world healthy and happy and I know that most of all he will be...

♥ ♥ ♥ so very loved and cherished ♥ ♥ ♥

Big hugs and blown kisses and good luck prayers to you Susan.

-- Traci

Wordless Wednesday


Hello world v. 2.0

Where do I start after been away for so long? How can I possibly catch up with all of the crazy from day to day? What should I write about first?

I don't know.

I know this. I miss writing. I miss reading. I miss connecting with all of my bloggidy friends.

So here I am.

Sorry for being away for so long.

It has been wonderful and hectic and joyous and heart-breakingly sad at times.

Sounds a little like that thing...you know...what's it called again? Oh yeah.


I was without a laptop since about August 1st. I let my teenage niece use it while she was visiting and well, she discovered Fa.cebook. So yeah, I never saw the laptop again. ;-)

Truth be told, she was soooooo helpful and wonderful to have while trying to work a schedule out with the babies that MrBeep and I decided to give her my old laptop as a thank you gift when she left about three weeks later. She was a pretty happy 13 year old, let me tell you that.

So I finally broke down last week and bought a new fresh mac-daddy-of-a-wompum laptop. I bought a refurbished unit to save some money. It is very fast and sleek and best of all I can do all of my photography and video editing wherever I am. Since it is an intel-based processor, I can also load up Windows 7 on it and that will be superawesomepuss as well.

So it arrived a couple of days ago and voila since that time I have been reading blogs again and commenting and now, here I am posting an entry of my very own. It's like freaking magic.

I can write and read and research on the laptop even if the babies are sleeping away in their cribs and I am hooked up to the pump. By the way which is where they both are right now. Ahhhh sleepy bubs. And I am just a few feet away, sitting on my bed and pumping and writing and reading and I can't really explain just how happy and relieved that makes me feel.

Wanna know a truly embarrassing secret? Since getting my computer back, my milk supply has increased and my PPD has significantly lifted. Is that lame or what? I am truly that much of a computer nerd that I tie a load of happiness to electronic communication?

Well, it's the truth. My pumping volume doubled just about overnight and I haven't been a weepy mess in the last few days. So now that I am officially back and a new normal is starting to emerge, I'll just end by saying...

Hello world.


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