Friday = 3 good things

Today I am happy to report on three very good things that made my day.

#1 – Blood work improved

My blood work is looking good enough that I am to start my stim medication tomorrow.  Here are the numbers/info from my day 1 and day 3 baseline ultrasound/bloodwork:

Follicle count = (lefty) 5-7  (right-o) 8-9
(Day 1) LH = 2.84 mIU/ml                    (Day 3) LH = 6.64 mIU/ml
(Day 1) Progesterone = 0.38 ng/ml       (Day 3) Progesterone = 0.42 ng/ml
(Day 1) Estradiol = 228 pg/ml               (Day 3) Estradiol = 97 pg/ml

So the high day 1 estradiol number was a concern for them (I have never had a number this high before).  It may have been due to the medications prescribed to me from in preparation for this IVF cycle. I had taken two additional estrace tablets that were a likely cause.  My day 3 estradiol has in the past couple of months has been around 50ish.  My FSH has hovered between 6.9 and 7.3 for the last few months.  The RE nurse explained were happy with the smaller day 3 estradiol number and I was told to start my stimming medication on Saturday morning. However they were surprised my antral follicle count was a tad lower than normal for me, I was told to start with a higher dose of gonadotrophin at 450 instead of 300 which had been the earlier estimate.  On Monday we’ll do another check and see how I’m responding.  So tomorrow morning I’ll be using the gonal-f pen at 450 and in the evening I’ll be taking menopur 150. I told DH the plan. He was excited and gave me lots of kisses.  Yay!

#2 – Working on my karma/helping a new friend

I ran into a great gal at my RE’s waiting room.  She and I share this IVF cycle (within a couple of days of each other).  We met at a Resolve meeting and also had injection classes together. We had a greet and a hug. She told me how her cycle was doing (unfortunately she’s getting some wicked headaches), I told her my estrace error/estradiol number.  She said that she didn’t know her exact numbers but was told they were “normal”.  “You didn’t use the web portal to find out your exact results?” I asked.  “What portal are you talking about?" she answered.  So I took her over to a demo computer, logged in and showed her the absolutely awesome web-based client system that gives you all of your lab results, instructions, medications and a means to contact the doctors and nurses at our RE clinic.  Did I mention how awesome DocO & the staff are?  They are truly faboo.  My cycle friend had forgotten their mentioning the portal and was super stoked to see it.  She got her password reset by the RE admin and thanked me for taking the extra time to show her.  I was very glad to help and hey, I need all of the karma points I can get right now, right?

#3 – A beautiful day

Today it was warm and sunny outside.  I went for a 3 mile walk on a nature river trail, listening to my ipod with the sun shining on my face. Aaaahhhhhh good.

Did you have a good day/good news/built some karma?

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