10 minutes of writing for 10 months of love

Here are my 10 minutes to write...

It has been 10 months since they showed up and smiled. I am blessed and exhausted and happy and haunted all at the same time. They were so tiny when they came. Red and wrinkled and fragile while still brave and strong. Each is so unique. Her own little person. MrBeep and I marvel at them every day. They babble and bundle and bounce.

I take each day a minute at a time. Twins are hard. Preemie twins are harder still. There is so much to juggle but every day it gets a little easier.

Celeste is learning to sleep without her swaddle. A big girl with arms flung wide, like she is ready to embrace the world.

She wakes often during the night, testing this new freedom with legs kicking up and thudding on the bed. Her wackiness wakes her sister who is finally cutting her first teeth. Viv's eyes get red, her brow furrows and she wails. I think she is saying, "Hey sister! Stop being silly, it's 2 am and I want to sleep!"

We've had to move them into separate rooms temporarily.

It means that when she wakes, I get to snuggle with Viv and listen to her breathe in the dark. It is a miracle to me.

I try to read a bit and comment a bit when I can. Sending out some love in any and all directions.

Celeste in her high chair


Viv sporting a cool hairdo


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