Getting a bit nervous

I just looked at my protocol calendar from my RE’s office.  I will be on what they call “Luteal Estrace/Antagonist Protocol”.  DocO said this protocol has worked well for people who have developed cysts while on Clomid as I had in the past.  Has anyone ever heard of this protocol?  I couldn’t find anything by that name online.  First I’ll take estrace, then an antagonist before the end of this cycle and then the next cycle I will begin stimulation medication. I don’t know the exact meds or quantities just yet.  So much up in the air. Maybe I’ll be less nervous once I get the actual meds and can research. Yeah, probably not.  Soooo nervous.  Dates are looming.  In two weeks I will start taking estrace tablets.  Then it will all be “for realseys” not just talk about IVF, but the actual road taken.

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