I had to change the bulb in the stairwell today…

Q: How many optimists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: None, because they're sure the light will come back on once it's ready.

AF is on her way, slowly but surely and I’ve got the massive headache to go with her.  I typically don’t get much of a headache with AF, but today I got to enjoy some pretty heavy handed dentistry on my front right tooth.  The pressure my dentist had to exert to set a new crown in place was quite severe.  He was very nice as always and felt bad to have to do it, but it was necessary to get the crown high up into the gums.  So I have a headache from that and I think that AF has kicked it up to Defcon 3.  <sigh>

The Washington chapter of Resolve.org is putting on “The Washington State Family Building Conference” this weekend.  I think that I may actually get my lazy toochis over to Seattle to attend.  The whole impending IVF in May (according to the schedule sent by me RE office) is getting me a bit nervous and I typically need to feel like I have a grasp of what is going on to feel much more comfortable.

Has anyone attended anything put on by Resolve?  If I go to the event I’ll be sure to make a report.  Stay tuned.

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