Day 3 Baseline Ultrasound and blood work

I have to take a second and be paranoid, OK?  Bear with me.  I went to my RE’s office for my baseline ultrasound and blood test.  It is the first item on my protocol sheet.  So the lady took some blood, she was an absolute pro, was funny and cheerful.  It was a nice way to start my way too early day.  After the blood draw I waited in the reception area to be called for my ultrasound.  And about 15 minutes of waiting a doctor walked by with his coat/briefcase/etc.  The front desk person mentioned something to him as he walked by that she thought he was scheduled earlier in the morning or something like that.  I smiled.  No worries.  I figured they accidentally scheduled me before the doctor was due to arrive. 

I did ask for the earliest appointment so I could get to a (suprise!) Washington State Family Building Conference in Seattle that started at 9am.  Two of the doctors from my RE’s office were going to give a talk on different subjects and there was a presentation scheduled to take you through what happens to the retrieved eggs once they hit the embryology lab after transfer.  The geeky side of me is totally fascinated by all this sci-fi stuff.  I didn’t want to be too late.

After another 5 minutes or so I was asked to come back and get undressed, don the totally chic paper sarong and head into the ultrasound “lounge”.  We took a look with the ole trusty dildo cam and everything looked good.  My cysts (a drug reaction to Clomid) were all gone and both ovaries were looking good and each showed about 8-10 follies percolating along.  Not bad for an old gal who hasn’t been on any meds for a couple of months now.  The doctor said that looked very good, uterus seemed fine, etc.  The cam got put away, I was able to sit up and then the Dr. said  something to me that was surprising.  He wanted to know why I decided to do another IVF cycle.

“Ummmmm” I said, “I’ve never done an IVF cycle.  I’ve only done two IUI’s.”  I then went on to explain the fibroids, the surgery to remove them, my DH sperm issues, the D&C to remove polyps/adhesions and now jumping to IVF is what was recommended by two doctors at his office.  After my quick history was told to him he said something similar to Oh yes.  Well that’s fine.  And then he left the ultrasound room.

I didn’t think too much of it at the time but since then my mind keeps going over and over the interview.  Why did he seem to be concerned about an IVF cycle?  Was it because things looked good enough that I didn’t need it?  Did he see something that I should be concerned about?  Am I missing something?  I know that it is probably because he was rushed and didn’t have time to read and absorb my file.  He may have read IUI but thought IVF, but man…the whole thing makes me worried and a little sick inside. <sigh>  Maybe I should learn to keep my mouth shut and find out more by listening?  Am I making too much of a little comment?  Any advice or opinions out there?

Oh well…off to the conference. 

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