CDC ART Report Info and Links

Are you a statistics fan? Do you like pie charts? How about bar graphs?

Does this make 
Well if it does then you should check out the CDC webpage and annual report on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). – this is the main page with links to the different areas the CDC monitors and researches for ART.
The ART report provides an in-depth picture of the type, number, and outcome of ART cycles performed in U.S. fertility clinics. It also includes individual clinic tables that provide ART success rates and other information from each clinic.
I am still reading through this and I find is both fascinating and informative.  Have you read this report?  Any opinions?  Did you use this to help you find your RE?
If you are a really huge data geek, the data is available in excel form so you can make your own pie charts.  Mmmmmmmmm pie charts.

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