A New Direction - Part 1

While the gacking has ended, a new runny drippy hacking cough has emerged throughout the house. From gacking to hacking around here. It's funny because I can pinpoint each activity that gets our new illness. This one was a large MOMs (Moms of Multiples) play date at a local toddler gym. I have to say that while the sickness is unpleasant, the activity was really fun and y'know they've got to get sick and work their immune systems at some point.

A New Direction

I have taken a good amount of time lately to think about the next steps for the blog. I really appreciated the input and comments. Truth is, however, that everyone who did answer that question has children of their own now. I think that it is very hard to keep up a blog with an infertility name that talked mostly about the process of finding a family once you have children of your own. I like the idea when I start my new blog it will be very much about being a mom, trying to have a sense of humor, and also maintaining some sense of self. I think I will feel unburdened to celebrate or complain without any "survivor's guilt" within the infertility/loss/adoption community. Do you know what I mean?

I have picked a name for the new blog. I am working on the layout for the blog now. I will not give anything else way but to say that I have a deadline thanks to the next Heartwork Campfire.

So here is a question that has been bumping about in my brain. What made you decide to be anonymous or public with your identity and that of your family on your blog? I am leaning toward "somewhat anonymous." I love to share pics and video of the girls and I think that should be a big part of the next chronicles, but what is safe and what is OK? How did you work it out. Any tips or hints? Thanks.

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Sunny on March 18, 2012 at 7:48 AM said...

I am excited to see what your creative mind will come up with for your new blog! Get working, woman!

I would say my blog is "somewhat anonymous." I do share pictures of the boys, obviously. Our family and friends across the country read the blog to get updates on the boys. Since I am not on Facebook, this is the only way I share what our family is up to. They often send me emails about how much they love it, so I am motivated to keep it going, even though it's kinda limping along at the moment.

I don't use our real names because I'd rather not have the blog found via a google search of them. Because of the nature of my job (when I was employed!) and the nature of DH's job, it's safest this way.

There is a risk in using pictures of my boys publicly that the pictures can be used for anyone's purpose... with good intent or not. But that is a risk I have chosen to take.

sprogblogger on March 18, 2012 at 8:16 AM said...

Yeah, I'm right there with Sunny. Not REALLY anonymous, but somewhat anonymous. ie: anyone can figure out who we are if they really care, but it's not out there on every page.

I use my blog for sharing Hen-stuff with family, as well, so pictures happen, and I try not to worry too much about urcky people who might use them for urcky purposes. I figure in this day of cellphone photos, etc., posting photos isn't a real risk--any more than, say, leaving the house is. And it's important for his family to get to see him in between visits, and for all that the internet is a wide open place and anyone can visit, yaddayaddayadda, there's only so much protectiveness that's healthy, you know?

I can't wait to see where you take your blog, under whatever name you choose to use. See you at the campfire!

mekate on March 18, 2012 at 12:29 PM said...

So very glad you'll be at the campfire! WHOO HOOO! and I just decided to be in the world. Folks are on facebook, etc with info and images all the time. A beloved care giver used to post images of Della all the time without my explicit knowledge or consent and that freaked me out to begin with, but eventually, I came to peace with it. I just need to keep her as safe as I can no matter what anyway. WIth that, if being anon allows you to be more open about things you wan to be able to share, then do so! That is the biggie for me. A new boss found my blogs and I can't quite get over new boss+ my historical catalog of cervical mucus, but hey, that's my reality.

Babbly filled with love kate

Kate on March 18, 2012 at 3:05 PM said...

I don't put K's name out there, nor much of mine to keep it pretty anonymous. I'm sure people who know me could easily figure it out if they stumbled across it, but I don't give my DH or my family the link. I like to think of it as my safe place to post stuff.
I feel ok putting pics of K up. I'm not sure how I feel of putting pics of me up...

Pie on March 18, 2012 at 5:00 PM said...

I am definitely on the side of totally anon. It stems from my previous life working in the mental health field - I just never wanted to be found by past patients, or students that I taught. Even now as a SAHM, I keep it anon. Old habits die hard I guess. But that's just me - I actually really like to read other peoples' blogs that include pictures or video. So really, I'm an anon hypocrite!!

Mrs. Gamgee on March 18, 2012 at 8:21 PM said...

In terms of names, I keep it anonymous, but I post pics all the time. I don't want my family or my in-laws to track my blog down. It's my space. Also, when I started my blog, I didn't want my employer or my staff to be able read about the inner workings of my sex life.

Like a PP said, in this age of cell phones with cameras, etc it seems kind of unrealistic to expect that our image won't be used without our permission at some point or another.

Looking forward to whatever comes next for you!


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